Applied Microbiological Services (AMS) is a BSL-II laboratory, located in Long Beach, California. We offer a wide range of testing services.

•AMS is a certified very small business enterprise (VSBE / SBE) and  a minority owned business enterprise (MBE).
•AMS is accredited by the California Water Board (ELAP#1257) for Drinking, Recreational, and Wastewater analysis.
•AMS has earned the ELITE designation by the U.S. Center for Disease Control for Legionella detection

Originally planned as an industrial water-testing laboratory, our current capabilities include studies, environmental sample assays, and product analysis. AMS has been meeting the analytical testing needs of Southern California industries since 1983. Owned by Patron Labs, Inc., and operated by Versha Patel & Daniel Duron, AMS currently provides services to a diverse clientele located throughout the United States.