Applied Microbiological Services

Applied Microbiological Services (AMS)has been a leader in finding solutions for testing and environmental concerns for over two decades. Helping to determine viable alternatives to handling medical waste has been an area of great success for the AMS.Las Vegas-based North American Power Company manufactures the Thermal Recovery Unit, which comes in two models that utilize the pyrolysis method.

Environmental Microbiology

United Recycling Technology Inc., a Nevada corporation with offices in Los Angeles founded in 2001 by Aram Sarkissian, is currently in the process of selecting a site to house its Medical Waste Gasification Process unit. This process has also received certification from the state, and the protocol creation, and subsequent testing, was also performed by Applied Microbiological Services (AMSLABS.COM),

Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate

This “endotoxin” assay quantifies the gelatinous, polysaccharide matrix that surrounds gram negative bacteria (most bacteria in the ultrapure water system). Since there is no average amount of polysaccharide associated with a cell, the test results are given as nanograms per milliliter of water.