Plants not only need water and light to grow, they use nutrients from the soil also. Continuously replenishing the soil with these nutrients can become very expensive. Producers of fertilizers often incorporate various bacteria, which are able to continuously aid in plant growth. AMS analyzes fertilizers and fertilizer additives for verification of these colony forming unit (CFU) packaging claims.

AMS is able to verify the CFU claims for a wide range of bacteria and mold. Some multiple organism mixtures are marketed, while others use certain individual bacteria or mold for specific benefits. The Mycorrihzae, for example, increase seed germination and stimulate & strengthen root growth so that plants and lawns require less water. In addition, many bacteria are able to attach themselves to the roots of plants to form nodules. There, they fix atmospheric nitrogen to ammonium and nitrates, which can then be utilized by the plants, thus ensuring a continuous supply of nutrients. Verifying these counts increases sales and maintains product registration.